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hi! i'm alison!

my name's alison (pronouns she/her). i'm a 16 year old transfem and this is my website! i've got a few things that interest me, but mainly i like trains, photography, spreadsheets, and just generally reading and learning more about stuff. if you want to read more and know more about me, read more below!

i like trains

i like trains a lot. or more accurately, i like getting on trains and going places a lot. i'm not a massive train nerd in and of itself -- i can tell you more than the average well-adjusted person about vlocities and sprinters, but i'm not into trains so much because of the mechanics. i like that trains can take you far away in relative comfort, and send you to a new place for a few hours. so i tend to take trains a lot whenever i get the chance, either to new places or place i've already been.

that being said, i am very much a train nerd also. and i like taking pictures of trains, so here's some of my favourite train nerd pictures that i took.
the last n-set locomotive to run in regular passenger service on the albury line. i photographed this a bit north of kilmore east
a high capacity metro train on a very pretty bit of skyrail, photographed at hughesdale
the sun setting on a vlocity train at stratford station


i find it kinda difficult to talk about my taste in music on the spot, which is weird because i often listen to it. in the end, my music taste can essentially be described as "depressed whitegirl", and it is kinda basic, but there's a smattering of weird shit in there. i tend to listen to a bit of top 40 stuff as well, bcoz i follow the billboard charts fairly closely due to a mixture of interest in data and new music. overall however, these are the artists you're most likely to find me listening to/aggressively stanning:

and here's some songs i currently think are pretty cool (as of october 2022)


as i mentioned earlier, i'm transfeminine, and although this is somewhat reductive of me to say, it is genuinely insane how much more i enjoy clothes shopping and fashion now that i'm dressing in more fem ways! before it was very much a thing i Had To Do and didn't really get why people made such a big deal about it, whereas now i actually care about what i wear, which is cool.

anyway, part of the reason i like going out to new places on trains is because i like shopping for new clothes, which is weird because i mainly go to the same places -- kmarts, big ws, targets, etc -- but it's still fun to pick out new clothes, try them on, and find ones i like. op shops especially like vinnies are cool, bcoz they often have just as many cool stuff for a lot cheaper. yeah, i like dangerfield as much as the next queer, but it's spenny!

i like to read

reading is a big part of my life. i read a lot less books than i'd like, but i do a lot of reading just in general of news articles, obscure documents, wikipedia articles, and the like. while i do tend to kinda skimread, especially with books, i still find it fun, and i especially like stuff that sticks with me long after and kinda stews in my brain. most of my reading's fiction, but i've started reading whipping girl by julia serano lately, which is a really good book on transmisogyny and how society treats trans women. if you've heard of it but not read it, you should read it!